Agent Seal
Position Bodyguard/Butler of Sherman and Mascot of World of Seals
Age 24 years old
Status At Universal Studios Orlando
Best Friends Crazeal
Enemies Sherman
Height 6'0
Weight 133 pounds

Agent Seal's heart breaks

Agent Seal is a blue seal with black sunglasses and a black tux. He works for Sherman as his bodyguard and butler, but he's also an ARF agent. He's also said to smile three times in his life, yes I'm serious. He's the 5th habitant of Sherman Island. He's a Caucasian seal. He's from Estoy Ciudad Muy Serio, España. In English Estoy Ciudad Muy Serio, España means I'm Very Serious City, Spain. That's really where he's from. He appears on random days but it's hard to find because he's stealthy and can make other seals confused if they find him. He also has a secret crush on Sherman's girlfriend, Angela. He's also Angela's ex-boyfriend. His best friend's Crazeal. He's 24 years old. Agent Seal despises Sherman because Sherman seems very picky and weird to him. His favorite color's pink and his least favorite color's purple. He says Español words randomly. Erwin's enemies with him because he thinks of Agent Seal as an idiotic wannabe. He hates Jenna because she sings a lot even at night.

Food: Peanut butter and jelly in a can. 

Activity: Protecting Sherman and his island.

Color: Pink (They soon found out after he asked for a pink turtle) 

Room: Unknown

Food: Bananas, his only weakness.

Activity: Using the bathroom.


Room: Unknown

  • He cries every night while looking at a picture of Angela.

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