Angela J. Abramsen
Position Reporter and Mascot of World of Seals
Age 25 years old
Status At a hotel in Comedy City
Best Friends TurtleFan
Enemies Sammy
Height 5'2
Weight 105 pounds

Angela J. Abramsen is the president's friend. She's a pretty Seal. She has a twin sister named Kristianna. Kristianna will be meetable. She lives in Sherman Island. She's the third habitant of Sherman Island. She found Sherman Island a year after Sherman found it. She was 21 years old when she had found Sherman Island. She has blonde hair with a pink shirt. She's a green seal. Her deep dark secret's unknown and she doesn't tell seals what her real first name because they'll find out what kind of seal she really is. Her real name will be revealed but not soon. Angela's not really her name. She'll be meetable in World of Seals. The first party she'll be meetable at is the Tropical Island Party. She's a Norwegian seal. She came from Lascena City. She moved from Lascena City because she wanted to live in a bigger hotel room/house. She couldn't get a big house in Lascena City because the big hotel rooms were expensive. Since there weren't many seals in Sherman Island it wasn't that expensive to get a big hotel room/house. Her hotel room/house in Sherman Island will have black and red stripes. She'll be the writer and editor of the weekly newspaper for Sherman Island called 'Sherman Island's Seal News'. Her favorite color's black because she acts like a goth. Her favorite food are dead humans. She's Agent Seal's ex-girlfriend. Her best friends are TurtleFanJenny, and Lovely. One of Angela's enemies's Erwin because he knows who she is and trying to reveal who she really is to the whole island with the help of the players. She considers almost most of the staff members as enemies because they also know who she is. Angela's worst enemy's Sammy because he pranks her everytime. She might not be a villain of World of Seals even though she has some evil secrets about her. She was born on August 28, 1987. Her favorite sister's Lovely. She's 2 years younger than Lovely. She's a few months older than Sherman Jr. and she's younger than Kristianna by 5 minutes. She's 25 years old. She's the second most dumbest of the Abramsen Daughters. She's the favorite child of her parents. The color of this sentence is Angela's favorite color! She's the meanest of the Abramsen Daughters. She's one of the most cruel seals of Sherman Island. She has the second brightest hair of the Abramsen Daughters. She met Sherman when she was 12 years old in middle school. She's the fourth to least favorite of her grandparents. She's the least favorite of her aunts and uncles. She's enemies with only one of her sisters. She'll become the evil queen and witch of Sherman Island in Rise of the Evil Party and Island Dominators Strike Again Party. She's the evil aunt of Trixie and Cindy.

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