Aurora Anfinsion-Abramsen
Position Mother of Abramsen Family
Age 67 years old
Status In prison
Best Friends Unknown
Enemies Lovely
Height 5'1
Weight 105 pounds
Aurora Anfinson-Abramsen'Angela, Twilight, Kristianna, Lovely, and Joanna's mom. Her favorite of them all is Angela because she's the prettiest of them all. Lovely's the one that is most hurt about this. Aurora's brunette and usually wears a purple and brown plaid dress. She liked Twilight the second most because she was also beautiful. Then came Lovely, she didn't like her because she thought she was ugly because she wore glasses. Aurora even said Lovely was an embarassment to their family. Aurora enrolled Angela to a beauty pagent once and Lovely wanted to get enrolled too. But she said, "No." Aurora loved Twilight too because she was beautiful! This made Lovely jealous, Aurora hated seeing Lovely happy because she didn't like her so she told her husband to abuse her by punching and hitting her. Lovely called the police once on her mom and dad so her mom and dad got life imprisonment for child abuse. She's 67 years old. Her parents are Sofia and Joshua. Her sister's Grace. Her middle name's Ingrid.
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