Cindy Cameron
Position Daughter of Cameron Family
Age 19 years old
Status Single
Best Friends Lovely
Enemies Gezurtia
Height 5'5
Weight 122 pounds

Cindy is Carl's daughter and a mascot. She's 19 years old. Her best friends are Lovely and Angelica. She kind of little mean. Her enemy is Gezurtia. She's a pretty seal. She was a little popular in her school. She's in college. Her middle name's Annie. She's the least favorite child of her parents. She's the youngest seal of all the seals in Sherman Island. She's a British Seal. She was born in London, England. She's Trixie's younger sister. She's the most cruel of the Camerons. She's the dumbest of the Camerons, even though she's smart, she's dumber than Trixie.

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