Crazeal Goofball
Position Co-Founder of the Random Sale Store and Mascot of World of Seals
Age 26 years old
Status Sleeping
Best Friends Sherman
Agent Seal
Enemies Angela
Height 5'1
Weight 96 pounds
Crazeal Goofball's a mascot in World of Seals. His color's green, somehow. He's truly the craziest seal and living organism that could ever exist in the universe. He's even weirder than an alien. He comes on random days to do random stuff, so he's a difficult seal to find. Mostly he'll come in April Fools day, but no one knows for sure. He'll always wear a fishbowl on his head with a fish called Qwsdfvbjiuytredfghjklp inside and has a sandwich taped on his back. He's the 2nd habitant of Sherman Island. He came to Sherman Island 10 months after Sherman. Crazeal's best friends are Sherman and Agent Seal. He's from Ciudad Chistosa, Unknown. Ciudad Chistosa's Spanish for goofy city. He'll usually talk in random languages at random times. His ex-girlfriend's Jenny, but Crazeal did not know that, due to his craziness. His brother's Fooly8. He's the shortest seal of World of Seals. He's older than his brother, Fooly8. He's 26 years old. He has a crush on Agent Seal because he thinks that Agent Seal's a female seal. It's very funny that he thinks that. His enemy's Angela because he's a very nosy seal but he doesn't know that Angela hates him. He loves eating non edible food like cups made out of glass, socks, metal, and foil. He has a turtle named Qiorq3j901u2jlemdiowh.


  • Food: You don't want to know. Believe me.
  • Activity: Being random
  • Color: Rainbow
  • Room: SealShore Beach


  • Food: Everything that's actually edible
  • Activity: Doing nothing
  • Color: Rainbow
  • Room: Valley of Peace


  • His name's a pun on the word CRAZY and SEAL and also a portmanteau.
  • Crazeal isn't his original name. Before his name was Crazeal, his name was Dairy. His name was Dairy because he loved dairy products a lot. But since he was more of a crazy seal than a dairy lover seal, he decided to make his name Crazeal to make his name fit his personality. 
  • He's a loud, hyper, and fun seal.
  • His last name's Goofball.
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