Epic Race Party will be the great race party! You can ride cool cars, boats, animals, limos, trains, giant rubber ducks and more! The best part is that you get to keep your own vehicle and ride it anywhere around Sherman Island. It was originally called the Vehicle Party but Epic Race Party sounded better than Vehicle Party so it was renamed Epic Race Party. It's guaranteed that you will have fun. The last event will be racing similar to how Crazeal races. You'll also get a healthy, but sweet cake from Lovely's Bakery after each event of the racing party.

  • Twilight will probably be riding ponies. If you meet her, you'll get a free item called the Pony Vehicle!
  • Fooly8 might be riding on a gigantic propellor cap.
  • Sammy might be motorboating all the way!
  • TurtleFan will probably be riding an enormous green turtle during this party!
  • Crazeal might be riding on a box! I don't know how he does that!
  • Sherman and Sherman Jr. would like to sit in their cool red shiny car!

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