Position Founder of Random Sale Store, Moderator, Mascot, and Co-Founder of World of Seals
Age 20 years old
Status Yay.
Best Friends EpicCheese
Enemies Angela
Height 5'10
Weight 133 pounds

Fooly8 Goofball is the name of the Moderator/mascot. He's the smartest son of the Goofball Family(even though he is still very dumb). He's the 7th habitant of Sherman Island. It's unknown how often he'll be online in the game. Fooly8's not as dumb as Crazeal, but still dumb. He's a green seal that wears a green propeller cap and the item that's called "Original Scarf," items that he had both imagined. His favorite item's a green propeller cap. He also has a rainbow and fun turtle named Fluffy. If you meet Fooly8, you'll get one one of his propeller items. There are 10 of them to collect, but you can only collect one when you meet him. His username in this wiki is Fooly8. He's the youngest of the Goofball Family.

List of Giveaway Items (All Propeller Items)

  • Propeller Helmet
  • Propeller Cake Hat
  • Propeller Turtle Hat
  • Propeller Party Hat
  • Propeller Cap on an Afro Wig
  • Propeller Caps (10 propeller caps stacked one over the other)
  • Propeller Box Hat
  • Scuba Diver Helmet with Propeller
  • Propeller Baseball Cap
  • Huge Propeller Cap
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