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Hannah R. Fodness
Position Daughter of Fodness Family
Age 29 years old
Status Pretty Shy.
Best Friends Michelle-Twilight
Enemies Angela
Height 5'5
Weight 124 pounds

Hannah R. Fodness is a mascot. She's a selfish seal. She is also a little mean. Her parents are Grace and Lance. Her best friends are Twilight and Lovely. Her enemy's Leila because Leila tells her a lot that she is selfish. She's a green seal with a sun hat and a pink heart dress. Her classmate/cousin's her BFF, Twilight. She likes Twilight because Twilight likes what kind of seal Hannah is. She's only child of her parents. She's 29 years old. She's a shy seal. Her worst enemy's Angela because Angela teases Hannah a lot. She's one of the hardest mascots to meet. She only comes to World of Seals thrice. The reason why she's only comes thrice a year because her favorite food's salmons and comes to Lascena City same as Erwin. Her middle name's Rose.

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