Hunting's a game you can play on WoS. You can hunt pigs and fish. Teens will be able to use a small quantity of weapons but if you aren't 12 or older that's okay you will do it Angry Birds style. Having trouble with the fish? Are the pigs or the fish with big teeth attacking you? Never fear ARF is here! The Aquatic Rescue Force will help you with your troubles, but often the animals are pacific. Oh and did you seem to forget equipment? Drop by our animal hunt shop cart!


Sometimes mascots will want to hunt some pig and fish and hunt but it is usually Agent Seal or Crazeal or Sammy. Crazeal usually just plays around and mess things up for other hunters. Agent Seal hides up on trees and hunts from there. While Sammy uses his bow and hunts pigs "the manly way" (or as he says).


Sherman and his crew were exploring until they stumbled upon a forest filled with pigs and rivers and lakes filled with fish and they thought,"Hey lets call this place the hunting place!" And it was Hunting Place and it's still not fully explored,which gives adventurers' dreams to be able to fully discover this mysterious and wonderful forest!

Even though hunting's permitted, it's NOT advised to hunt too much. It could make the pigs and fish extinct. You have been warned... You can only hunt 30 animals a day.