Impresionantes sellos con impresionante Hotel de alimentos is the hotel that the seals will live in. It will be the name of the hotel but in parentheses it will show what it means in English. In English, Impresionantes sellos con impersionante Hotel de alimentos means Awesome Seals with Awesome Food Hotel. In the hotel there's a spa called Seal's Relaxing Spa for relaxing!! It is well known for their jacuzzi treatments! You can also go to the arcade! You can shop till you drop because it is next to The Seal Mall! You can also watch movies at Coral Cove Theaters.

  • It is actually "Impresionantes Focas con Impresionantes Comidas Hotel", but a typo changed it, making everyone happier. "Sellos" meant seals, but the one that you use to seal cards.