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Jane Anderson
Position Candidate in Election
Age 25 years old
Status Dreaming to be president of Sherman Island
Best Friends Jenna
Enemies Leila
Height 5'6
Weight 124 pounds

Jane Anderson is Leila and Gezurtia's twin sister. She's a little bit interested in being a popular seal. She's not as pretty as Leila. She was born an hour after Leila. Jane's a great singer. Her hair's the darkest of the Andersons. She was born on April 27, 1987. She'll be competing against Sherman for president in The President Election Party. She's the kindest and the dumbest of the Andersons. Even though she's the dumbest of the Andersons, she's smart just not as smart as her sisters. She's nice only one of her sisters. She's the nicest mascot of Sherman Island. She's the favorite child of her parents. She's best friends with Jenna.

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