Jessie Adams
Position The Dangerous Seal of Sherman Island
Age 24 years old
Status Probably something dangerous
Best Friends Erwin
Enemies Leila
Height 5'7
Weight Unknown
Jessie Adams is a dangerous seal. Erwin, Leila, Kristianna, and Jenna met her in middle school. She vandalized many schools. She gets angry very easily. Her hair's black. She wears black clothing and a necklace that has metal spikes on it. She wears black lipstick and black makeup. Her personality's the most similar to Jenny's personality because they're both dark seals and gothic. Even though she does all these things, she has many friends. She's only meetable at the party, Scare Parade. She has a doll in her hand and a knife in the other hand. What she does next is use the knife and stab the doll in the chest. Jessie knows how to blackmail well. She's enemies with Leila. She's the suspect for the murder of Joanna because Jessie's dangerous enough to be a murderer. Her best friends are Sherman Jr. and Jenny. She has a secret crush on Ian Murray.