Joanna M. Abramsen
Position Dead Soul
Age 47 years old (if alive)
Status In afterlife
Best Friends Michelle
Enemies Jessie
Height 5'4
Weight 121 pounds

Joanna M. Abramsen is a character. She died because of a murder. Jessie's a suspect for her murder. She was very nice to her twin sister. She was born 15 minutes after Michelle. Her middle name was Marie.  Like her twin sister, she was born in America. She was a Norwegian seal. She was dead in January 15, 2009. Her hair was a little darker than Michelle. Her best friends are her twin sister and Lovely. She loved Lovely too because she was as kind as her twin sister. Her least favorite sister was Kristianna. She was the third favorite child of her parents. Joanna was as smart as Michelle! She was the third kindest of Abramsen Daughters! She was the third smartest of the Abramsen Daughters. Her favorite sister was her twin sister. Her apperance when she was alive was a purple seal, with blonde hair and purple headband with a pink formal dress. Michelle's hair's straighter than Joanna's hair. Her favorite color was pink. She had the second most darkest hair of the Abramsen Daughters. She was the third favorite grandchild of her grandparents. She came to Sherman Island 5 months after Michelle. Before Jessie murdered her, Joanna had lung cancer. When she was alive, she was an aunt of Cindy and Trixie.

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