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Kristianna A. Abramsen
Position Mascot of World of Seals
Age 25 years old
Status Sleeping
Best Friends Leila
Agent Seal
Enemies Jane
Height 5'2
Weight 117 lb.
Kristianna's Angela's twin sister. Her middle name's Annika. She's a pretty seal. She'll be a meetable seal. She's the third to least favorite child of her parents. Her best friend's Leila. She's nicer than Angela. Her hair's a little darker than Angela's hair. Also Angela's hair's straighter than Kristianna's hair. Her sister Lovely's one of her best friends. She's the least favorite grandchild of some of her grandparents. She's the dumbest seal of the Abramsen Daughters. She's the second meanest of the Abramsen Daughters. Her least favorite sister's Joanna but she doesn't hate her at all. She's the third most cruel of Sherman Island. She has the third most darkest hair of the Abramsen Daughters. She's an aunt of Trixie and Cindy.
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