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Lascena City, Norway's where most seals that live at Sherman Island come from. Some of the seals that came from Lascena City to Sherman Island are Angela and TurtleFan. Sherman lived at Lascena City for a while before he moved to Sherman Island. Lascena City's the second richest and the biggest place of the whole wide world. It's not as rich or big as Sherman Island. Lascena City's 4,500 miles away from Sherman Island. Sherman Jr. visits Lascena City because of its large population of salmon.

  • Some people and seals thought Lascena City wasn't the first place on Earth but it was the first place on earth.
  • Lascena City was part of the country Lascena Country but Lascena Country became part of Norway.
  • Lascena Country was the first country to own Lascena City.
  • Lascena Country is no longer a country.
  • All the fish in Lascena City are salmons.
  • Lascena City has the most fish out of the whole world.