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Lascena Country's a now defunct country. Many small cities were part of Lascena Country. Lascena Country. Norway was going to own Lascena Country and make it a city of Norway. Some seals didn't like this and protested this. Lascena City was the only city of Lascena Country that didn't protest. Lascena City's currently part of Norway. The rest of the cities in Lascena Country were still part of Lascena Country. The governer seals of Norway were angry that they were protesting that they exploded all cities in Lascena Country. Since Lascena City didn't protest and agreed to become part of Norway, the residents of Lascena City didn't get exploded. Seals can now visit the places that got exploded. The places that got exploded are part of Norway and the places are now a city in Norway called Dead Land of Lascena, Norway. You're allowed to stay in a hotel for some days at Dead Land of Lascena but you can't live in a hotel room there. The replica of how Lascena Country looked like before it got exploded is in a city in Norway called Lascena Town.

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