Lovely Abramsen
Position Designer and Mascot of World of Seals, Owner of Lovely's Designing Center, Owner of Lovely's Bakery
Age 44 years old
Status Designing clothes at home
Best Friends Kristianna
Snuffles the Turtle
Enemies Gezurtia
Height 5'4
Weight 116 pounds
Lovely Abramsen is a fashion designer in World of Seals. She sometimes forgets who she is and has to be reminded. She's a white seal with a brown hair with white sun hat and a pink designer scarf. She has a very creative pink turtle named Snuffles. Her username in this wiki's Lovely60. She's meetable and when you meet her you can get a free backpack. There are 10 backpack types and you can only collect once each day. Lovely's sisters are Angela, Kristianna, and Joanna! Her best friends are her sisters and her pet turtle Snuffles! She loves Snuffles a lot. Lovely knows Angela's real personality but she doesn't hate her still. She's 44 years old. She lives in Sherman Island, and is a good friend to Sherman since her sister Angela's dating him. Lovely's a friendly seal and wants to be friends with everyone! She hopes one day to become a famous designer, and she has been working hard to reach her goal. Lovely's childhood was very difficult because her mother and father were unappreciated of her and likes Angela better than her because of her beauty! Lovely was bullied and called a nerd back then because of her dorky looking glasses. Her mother and father liked Angela better even though Lovely got amazing grades. Lovely wants to forget the past and think about the future! She still thinks she's a nerd.Lovely ran away from home and decided to be a homeless! Until her mother and father found her! For many years she wished for a new mother and especially a new father because of him abusing her so much by spanking and hitting. She does not have a boyfriend yet but has a secret crush on Fooly8. She's a pretty seal. In elementary school she had only one friend and her name was Payton. Payton and Lovely never saw each other after elementary school because sadly, Lovely moved away to another school. When Lovely moved away she found a new best friend named Erwin. They like to chat a lot with each other. Her favorite color's light blue! She's the smartest of the Abramsen Daughters. She used to have a friend named Savannah! Which is her ex-friend's stepsister that's really nice! She's the kindest seal of the Abramsen Daughters! She's the second nicest mascot of Sherman Island. She really wants to be friends with everyone. She has the darkest hair of the Abramsen Daughters. She was the second favorite grandchild of her grandparents. She's a friend of Trixie and Candy.

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