Rise of the Evil Party will be a one-time-only party. However, there will be a party with almost the same plot similar to this party. Angela will succeed in becoming the evil queen of Sherman Island. This party will be after Pirate Attack Party. She'll injure many seals in the party. Angela will also become a wicked witch in this party. She'll put Sorceseal in a fireplace and have him suffer when the fire goes on in the fireplace. Most of the mascots will be under her spell and it'll be you to save the island from Angela. Three mascots will be dead in this party. The murderers of the mascots are the Island Dominators. Sherman will be trapped in a mirror deep in the ocean. This party will be in April, the same month as when the Funny Festival happens. Two of the mascots will also be evil in this party. The mascots will not be under Angela's spell and be an accomplice of Angela. Angela will also have an accomplice that's an evil warlock. It'll happen at April 25-30. This party's the second to last story party of The Story of Evil.


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