Sammy Sealinson
Position Mascot of World of Seals
Age 24 years old
Status Unknown
Best Friends TurtleFan
Enemies Angela
Height 5'9
Weight 134 pounds
He was once part of a powerful evil pirate crew who raided islands until he was kicked out for being too soft. He swam all around the world looking for an island he can call home. He then washed up on SealShore Beach, meeting Sherman. Sammy enjoyed the beautiful island and decided to stay on it. He usually wears a red and white cap with a skull in the back to remember his dark past. But now he enjoys being a regular seal. He likes to be funny and play pranks on seals. He's one of the best pranksters ever. He's one of the easiest mascots to meet. His favorite food is lime soup, "To keep Scurvys away!", he says. You can meet him on weekends but you can meet him on Weekdays too. His best friends are TurtleFan and Sherman Jr. He also has a secret crush on Jenny. His enemy's Angela because she don't want pranks. His best friends are Erwin and TurtleFan. He's 24 years old.
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