Scare Parade's the Halloween party! There are a lot of hidden treats (and tricks) hidden all around the island. A special costume catalog appears in every party, adding another 2 pages each party! It will show some very scary clips from scary movies in a random order in an exclusive room.:"The Haunted Car-Stop Cinema". All of the clips have been 'sealed' a little bit. It lasts all of the week in which is Halloween. This party will usually only last for only a week. It's guranteed to be a scary party (at least for most of the party). There will also be an event in the second Scare Parade party called Zombies & Spiders: The Night of Terror on the day of Halloween.

  • Halloween without magic? Nah! Sorceseal will be there!
  • Lovely loves showing off costumes and "baking" up surprises. She'll dress as an evil witch!
  • Trick or Treating Time! Fooly8 will surely be wanting a lot of candy! He'll dress as a clown!
  • Sherman and Sherman Jr. can't miss the party. They're both dressed as ghosts.
  • Twilight S. Abramsen will be dressing up as a pony! She'll tell about the headless pony story!
  • When Crazeal enters, he enters! He would be dressed as a jester and the fish on his head will be dressed as a king!
  • TurtleFan just wants to take his turtles Trick or Treating. He'll be dressed as a turtle!

  • It's an annual event.
  • It's a Halloween party.