HAVING A HOT DAY?! Well today's your lucky day! In World of Seals you can come down to SealShore Beach and swim with your friends! You can race, chat, dive, or just hang out and talk! When you're hungry just visit our fruit bar! Have a yummy smoothie or some yummy fruit! Don't worry about your turtles. They can hang out in the Turtle Splash Pond, where they can hang out with other turtles! Also visit our lighthouse! You can check out the sights or enjoy our historical pictures, showing the history of Sherman Island!


If your lucky you can also meet some mascots! Including Crazeal, Sammy, and Agent Seal (usually crying on a rock and morning for his love!) Although it's very unlikely Sherman will sometimes appear and say, "Hi!"


SealShore Beach was the first place Sherman found when he first came here. He decided to call it SealShore Beach because he decided this was land for his own kind, seals. But before finding this beach he had to pass a powerful pirate crew. It was a long time before the pirates sailed away to find new land. Sherman fears that the pirates will come back and reclaim what they once called home.