Position President of Sherman Island
Age 26 Years Old
Status Staying in a mansion at Darella City
Best Friends Crazeal
Enemies Agent Seal
Height 6'2
Weight 135 Lbs
Sherman's the one who discovered Sherman Island. Sherman's also the president of Sherman Island. His last name's Chambers. Sherman will also become a mascot of World of Seals. He's one of the hardest mascots to see because he's only online two times for a year. When he's online he usually talks about the history of Sherman Island. He's a Canadian seal. He came from Comedy City. Before even living at Sherman Island he lived at Lascena City. He always wears a red and blue ball cap on his head. Sherman's also a red seal. His favorite food are sharks. It may seem weird that his favorite food are sharks but Sherman's stronger than all the sharks in the whole world. His favorite color's gray because that's usually the color of sharks. The reason why he got kicked out of Comedy City was because Comedy City kicked him out for being unfunny. He'll meet Comedy City again in Comedy Party. Sherman's best friends are Crazeal and Michelle. Sherman's girlfriend is Angela. The only person that he's siblings with that lives on Sherman Island is his sister. His sister will never be meetable, the name will be known soon, and her personality will never be known. His sister's dead because someone murdered her. His sister was the biological mother of Erwin and EpicCheese. His butler/bodyguard/wannabe's Agent Seal. He and Agent Seal are enemies because Agent Seal's very mean to him but yet Sherman never fires him because he thinks that everyone else would be more demanding lots of money for their salary. He's 26 years old. His nephews are Sherman Jr and EpicCheese. He's good friends with Lovely and likes to hang out with her. He'll be running against Jane for president in The President Election Party. The color of this sentence is his favorite color! He's the heaviest seal ever in World of Seals. Sherman met Angela when he was 12 years old.
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