Position Wizard and Mascot of World of Seals
Age 24 Years Old
Status Making Potions
Best Friends Gezurtia
Enemies Leila
Height 5'7
Weight 124 pounds

Sorceseal is a sorceror. He'll create potions and spells. Thankfully, he's not an evil wizard. All he wants is to help others with potions. Of course, for all of the work, you have to pay for all the potions you get. His best friend is Gezurtia.


  • Food: His Potions
  • Activity: Inventing new formulas
  • Color: Purple
  • Room: The Brewery


  • Food: Ham Sandwich
  • Activity: Scuba Diving
  • Color: Black
  • Room: SealShore Beach (he actually likes it, but he respects nature and does not want to do a potion spill so he tries to avoid the ocean.)


  • Health Potion: Makes your health at the full.
  • Energy Potion: Makes your energy at the full.
  • Small Potion: Shrinks you for a limited time.
  • Tall Potion: Makes you big for a limited time.
  • Invisibility Potion: Makes you invisible for a limited time.
  • Flight Potion: Makes you fly for a limited time.
  • Swine Potion: Turns you into a pig for a limited time.
  • Ectoplasmic Potion: Turns you into a ghost for a limited time.

Party Potions


  • He's a kind wizard.
  • He's a very careful sorcerer.
  • He's a very hardworking wizard.
  • He likes nature.
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