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<tabber> |-|The Farewell Party= Two mascots of World of Seals will be leaving in this party. The party will be after Comedy Party. The seals that'll be leaving will move to Comedy City. The one leaving is unknown at the moment. One of the hints is that the none of the moderators are going to be leaving in this party. This mascot will leave because Comedy City invited him/her to join because him/her was very funny at the Comedy Party! The only for sure mascots that aren't going to leave's Sherman and Jane because they'll be competing for president. The original name of this party's The Goodbye Party. It's either going to be Crazeal or TurtleFan that will be one of the mascots leaving. There will also be another seal that'll be moving to Comedy City as well because they were very funny at the Comedy Party too. If you're funny at Comedy Party they might invite you there. If you're unfunny like Sherman you'll get kicked out of Comedy City. It's unknown who'll be leaving. After they leave they'll possibly be forever gone from World of Seals.

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