A sketch of the inside of the Turtle store

Ice room2

A view outside of the Turtle shop on the Iceberg.

Turtle Store's the place where you get adopt turtles. There will be things you have to do to get the turtle you want. You can also choose the personality for your turtle! Turtles' shells also come in different colors. Most of the turtles you buy from the turtle store are vegetarians. To see if you would take great care of the turtle you would take a quiz to see if you would take care of it like you should. Turtles from the turtle store can also be polka-dotted or striped. The first floor has food and toys for turtles. The second floor has the pond for turtles and the adoption center. This place will be located at Sherman Place.

A black-and-white sketch of what the turtle from the turtle store looks like.

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