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World of Seals is an upcoming virtual world. It's very likely to come in April 2014. The staff members of this upcoming virtual world hope you'll like the virtual world. It'll have rooms including an amusement park, seal hotel, an iceberg, and a fish restaurant. It'll have wonderful staff too. The virtual world's on the brainstorming stage right now. The staff includes Mods, Designers, Founders, Co-Founders, and Programmers. The island it takes place on is called Sherman Island (or maybe Jane Island in the future). It was originally named Gift Island. It eventually got rejected so it was renamed Island of Seals. To see if it should renamed, there was a poll with choices to rename it. The name that had the most votes was World of Seals. That's the story of how we came up with the name. There will be a dark magic party.


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