On the second Scare Parade party there will be an event in Scare Parade called Zombies & Spiders: The Night of Terror. There'll be zombies and spiders going around in the island. At a random time you'll see a body of a seal with hair that covers her face. At a random second you'll also see a creepy seal with a knife in his hand and he chases everyone for half a minute. Also at a random second the evil pirate crew will appear as zombies. Also the pigs that you try to hunt in Hunting Place become psycho seals with scissors in their hand trying to kill you. At a random second in the Turtle Store, lightning will flash and the turtles turn into turtle skeletons (which turn into normal turtles after the next lightning flashes). The event will only last for one day. It'll be on the day of Halloween. When you're alone in a room in a few seconds sealderman will appear! This is the scariest event that happens of the Scare Parade. If you're scared by this event, you can go back to the party! This is guaranteed to be a very scary event. It's also too scary for some staff members. At this event you can get potions from Sorceseal that either turns you into a zombie or a spider!

  • This event takes place on an alternate universe where it's always Halloween.
  • It was supposed to be Slenderman in this party but since it might be too scary (which it was) Slenderman became Sealderman.

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